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People change

Lannie Rose knows how much a person can change. After all, she used to be a 45-year-old computer engineer—and a male. Then she got the idea that she might actually be a woman, in spite of her male anatomy, and so began her five year journey from man to woman.

UPDATE Feb 2018: Want to know what Lannie has been up to lately? Check out her interview on Monika Kowalska's wonderful The Heroines of My Life blog. (Did you know that I "radiate wisdom, beauty, intelligence, and love?") While you are there, spend some time getting to know some of the 439 other women Monika has interviewed. This is a great resource for the trans community. Thanks for all your work, Monika!

FREE E-BOOKS! Lannie now offers free pdf downloads of her books:

Lannie does not have the rights to distribute Lannie: My Journey from Man to Woman as an e-book, but you are welcome to download its precursor—the mauscript that the publisher originally bought—Dirty Panties ... and other thrilling tales of my sex change. At the publisher's request, the manuscript was shortened by 25 percent, revised to a PG family-friendly rating, reorganized as a chronological narrative, and retitled. (Lannie would be interested in hearing your opinion of the publishers' changes.) Some of the deleted material wound up in Everything Nice; the rest is available on this Web site's Stories page.

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